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Our Mission and Commitment

Updated: May 28, 2022

We are committed to providing the most practical landlord app for our users. We would like to see you succeed in your rental business.

We have a mission to maintain loyal consumers who enjoy the comprehensive functions of our app to easily manage their properties from start to finish in the language they prefer. Among the values we hold are the commitment to provide products and services of uncompromising quality to meet the needs of our customers, as well as the commitment to build mutually beneficial and lasting relationships, ensuring that we are upfront and honest.

The mission is a guideline for all of our actions. We would like our app to be an integral part of the lives of private landlords, property managers, renters, and contractors. Putting the needs of our users first is essential to achieving this goal. In order to make our app more practical, we will listen to user feedback about potential improvements.

Our app is particularly useful for multiple home owners who manage their rental properties on their own, since DIY landlords tend to have a busy schedule and require an effective way to keep everything organized in one place and have access to additional services that may be required.

Individual landlords can manage one unit for free and access all pay-per-use services. Due to this, all features can be tried before subscribing to our services. The price of a subscription depends on how many units are managed. When you manage more units, your average per unit cost falls.

We wanted to make clear that there is no long-term commitment needed for home owners who rent out their properties since all subscriptions are month-to-month and you are free to cancel at any time. By offering the best value to landlords, we hope to retain their business and be able to help them grow.

Wow! That is so cool, right?...

We hope your experience getting to know our app has been enjoyable so far. We strive to help you use our app effectively, so you can grow your rental business with us. Please send your feedback to us so that we can determine what features to add and how we can improve the product.

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