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Increase Tenant Accountability With Digital Inspection

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Take digital photos to document conditions or damage to the property to increase the likelihood of winning a dispute.

Some provinces and states do not require inspection reports, however this should be made a requirement in your rental practice as it protects you against damage caused by your tenants. When tenants damage your rental property, it is your responsibility to prove that the damage was caused by the tenants. Performing this report when tenants move in, and then again when they move out, will help determine if any damage has been caused.

It is possible that some tenants may argue that the damages were already there when they moved in. How else would it be possible to know what is true without a binding move in / move out inspection report? By having a written record of the condition of your rental unit, both the landlord and the tenant could resolve some of the frustrations experienced when tenants leave the property.

Moving inspection reports are used by landlords to claim that the unit was in good condition when the tenant moved in. However, the inspection process must be done right and the inspection report must be unchallengeable to ensure the property is properly protected. Both the landlord and the tenant or their representatives should be present during the inspection. A court will usually disregard an inspection report if it is not comprehensive or if it is simply representing the owner's interests.

Nevertheless, handwritten inspection reports could contain unreadable portions that would invalidate their accuracy. Digital photographs are possible, but you have to print them out and include them in the inspection report, and that process takes time. Furthermore, unless the photo is time and date stamped, it may also be challenged in the future.

In order to create an unquestionable inspection report, you would need a digital inspection that includes time-stamped photographs of each room along with e-signature of both the landlord and tenant to hold the tenants responsible for any damages. This is why digital inspection reports are a more efficient alternative, and many smart landlords and property managers are embracing it as a solution.

LuckRent app allows you to create inspection reports for move-in and move-out inspections. For each rental property, you can customize the rooms and items and prepare them in advance, followed by a walk through with the tenant. As you inspect the rooms, you take photos and describe the conditions directly in the inspection report on your mobile device. You can attach unlimited photos directly to inspection reports when you use a digital checklist. When both parties sign the inspection report digitally, there is no room for ambiguity. As a final step, the completed report should be sent to the tenant so each of you has a copy.

Having a digital inspection report makes you look more professional and increases your chances of winning a dispute. You can determine whether damage was caused by the tenant by accessing a well-prepared inspection report that details before and after conditions. As a result, you can deduct or claim the damages appropriately, protecting your rental properties.

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