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Fill Vacancies Fast With These Rental Marketing Tips

Post your rental ads on multiple platforms to maximize exposure. Our peer-to-peer ad platform allow you to receive and approve applications.

As a landlord, you have many responsibilities. A top priority is to market your rental property so that you can attract renters. The rental ad must capture the interest of qualified applicants in order to successfully secure a rental. Landlords should therefore do everything they can to differentiate their properties from the competition. The following tips will help you market rental properties and reduce vacancy time.

The first step to attracting tenants is to know their profile. It is essential that you know who would be your ideal tenant for this specific property. The tenant profile must match the property because certain neighborhoods attract certain types of tenants. If your rental property is matched with a tenant who will enjoy living in the neighborhood, your turnover rate will be reduced and you will have fewer vacancies.

As for writing an ad, it is best to put the city in the title of your rental ad to make it searchable and to optimize it for search engines. Additionally, since people are no longer reading ads but scanning them, the use of numbered bullet points would make it easier for them to stop skimming and focus on your message. Mentioning popular amenities like hardwood floors is highly recommended. You should add as many photos as allowed by the rental listing platform you use and include a video if you want to attract more attention.

Whenever possible, marketing a vacant rental unit through multiple avenues is best. Don't limit your message to only a few. With the right marketing techniques, you can achieve more in the same amount of time. In addition to traditional methods, such as signage, social media can also be used to effectively market your rental property.

With LuckRent's peer-to-peer ad platform, you can create and save your ad, then copy and paste it onto other rental platforms like Kijiji, Craigslist, Zumper and so on. Through the app, renters can view your rental postings and submit applications. After you approve a renter's application, the applicant will be automatically added to the system as your tenant for that rental property, saving you valuable time.

You may need to adjust the price or the copy of your ad if you are not receiving as many inquiries as you would like. Does your ad have high-quality photos? Have you highlighted the likable characteristics of your rental property? Have you mentioned the local amenities? Should you consider purchasing some promotions for your ad?

Renters will be more likely to contact you regarding your rental property if you use appealing words and highlight the features. With the right marketing copy and photos of the property, you'll be able to provide all the information applicants want to know, and screen out applicants who wouldn't be interested in your rental.

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