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We Are LuckRent App

Providing you with the most efficient management of everything rental related.

LuckRent is an app designed with landlords who manage their own properties and property managers who manage client properties in mind. In order to achieve our goal to help people manage their rentals more efficiently, we also brought in renters, contractors, and client landlords to complete the picture. As a result, there are a total of 5 roles you can choose from a single app, namely DIY Landlord, Property Manager, Renter, Contractor, and Client Landlord. 

Why so many roles? Because we are determined to create an app that takes care of every aspect of the rental management process. It is an innovative and the most comprehensive rental management app you can find with robust functions and includes an ad platform, a service request platform, invoicing capabilities, chat functions, and much much more. On top of that, our Pay-Per-Use section provides convenient resources for better rental management.

Organized property information is available on the go without the Internet, so that you can find that storage locker number even when you are 5 levels underground.

LuckRent is committed to build a safe community on our platform, therefore, anyone who wants to publish a rental ad is required to go through a quick free Remote ID Verification process prior to posting ads. We will verify the legal name and address on government IDs through a secure portal so please make sure your information is accurate under My Profile before verifying yourself. 

Further, we have included contractors as users of our system, so landlords and property managers can forward maintenance requests and keep rental communication in one place.

The LuckRent app is a simple yet powerful tool required for today's DIY landlords and property managers who want to implement an efficient system for managing rentals.

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